Transform the life of a child, starting today.



Transform the life of a child, starting today.

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The Story of Home of Hope

Founded in 1992 by Reverend Chipeta, who himself was orphaned at the age of 14, Home of Hope is an orphan care that supports 700 orphans from all over Malawi in Mchinji. HOH consists of an orphanage, a school that serves children from pre-school through secondary school, a farm, and a medical clinic. Raising Malawi supported to Home of Hope since 2007, including support for its malaria program - Malaria is responsible for 40% of hospitalizations of children under five years old - the clinical officer, and general operations.

When you sponsor a child at Home of Hope, your monthly gift will ensure they receive essentials like meals, education, uniforms and will provide hope to the child and the community.  Once you select the amazing child you’d like to sponsor, you’ll be able to send and receive letters and photos that will keep you connected and allow you to build a relationship. Learn more about the children of Home of Hope and start your journey of making an incredible impact in their life and community. 

Sponsor a child for $25/month!

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Asa is a fantastic reader and looks forward to class everyday.



Betty's favorite color is pink and she is friends with everyone.

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Calvin excels at athletics and loves working with his hands.

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Camila is sensitive and thrives with lots of TLC.



Ellis will be President of Malawi one day! He's quick-witted and generous.

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Isobel is eight years old and she wants to be a nurse when she's older.

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Kingston is quick to laugh and his favorite color is blue.



Liliana never stops moving - she loves to play - and breakfast is her favorite meal of the day.

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Lucian always wears a hat and has a special knack for animals.

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Owen is six years old and he loves playing football.



Polly loves hugs and fish (to eat!)

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Warren is a natural leader and always takes the younger kids under his wing.


How the program works

How the program works

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Step 1

Choose a child to sponsor. Within 6-12 weeks, you will receive your first letter from your child. The beginning of an uplifting, beautiful bond, that is sure to bring more joy to life for you both!


Step 2

Your generous donation gets to work! Each gift you give will go to help your sponsored child and their entire community. Your donation will be included with the donations from other sponsors who are supporting the kids at Home of Hope. This will go to support the entire orphanage with long-term resources and benefits!


Step 3

Build a beautiful bond! As a sponsor, you’ll receive biannual updates, photos and videos of your child. You’ll be able to stay in touch with letters for all of life’s most important moments, and will even have the ability to send messages via email. 

Are you ready to join the Home of Hope family with small monthly contributions that will change the lives of the children and their community?