Program Update: Home of Hope Orphanage
Home of Hope Orphanage is starting the year with more children than ever in its care – 750! Last year, Home of Hope started several new projects to further support children and young adults at the home. A few of them are below: 

  • The Hey Baby Project: The Hey Baby project is emergency housing for vulnerable newborns, particularly those who have lost their mothers during childbirth. Under the project, Home of Hope staff formula feed newborns to combat malnutrition and closely monitor babies at their on-site medical clinic. New mothers who live under the poverty line (less than $2 a day) can also stay in the housing, where they receive food supplements, medicines and quality antenatal education 
  •  Solar Project: This project uses solar energy to provide access to hot water straight from the tap at Home of Hope, which helps with consistent cooking, cleaning and bathing. 
  • ART Program: Home of Hope started an on-site anti-retroviral program at their clinic so that children and caregivers who are HIV+ are able to get their ARTs right away there, rather than going to the local hospital. 

These programs are all possible due to your support of Raising Malawi!