By Raising Malawi on 01.26.15


Since the end of January, an estimated 174,000 people had been displaced due to heavy floods in Malawi. Over half of those affected are children, and one fifth are under the age of five. The floods have caused extensive damage to crops, livestock and infrastructure including schools and health facilities. Of the 19 high-risk districts, 17 were food insecure in 2014 with families having access to only one meal a day for a four-month period. Furthermore, about two-thirds of the 28 districts in Malawi are prone to cholera and there is an ongoing need to strengthen control efforts, particularly given the seasonal flooding.

Key priorities include shelter, ensuring access to adequate water and sanitation facilities, provision of basic health care, hygiene promotion, disease prevention, and support to continued learning, psychosocial support and protection of affected children.  Working with partners, UNICEF plans to enroll 24,084 of children affected by severe acute malnutrition in treatment; support 105,000 affected people to gain access to safe water through household water treatment with information pertaining to hand-washing with soap at critical times; and ensure vulnerable children and womenhave access to child protection services and essential health services.

Madonna’s support: Madonna and Raising Malawi are providing financial support to the UNICEF’s efforts to bring essential supplies and shelter to Malawians affected by the floods.

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