Raising Malawi makes grant to Millenium Promise for the Connect to Learn Scholarship Program



Raising Malawi is pleased to announce its support for secondary school scholarships for girls at the Millenium Village in Mwandama, Malawi in partnership with Millennium Promise and Connect to Learn. As part of our ongoing commitment to education in Malawi, we will support scholarships for 10 girls to attend four years of secondary school.

The scholars will be selected based on academic and leadership potential, social-economic condition, and the determination they have exhibited in their community as assessed by a local selection committee. The committee is a gender-balanced group of local community members, school teachers and representatives from the Mwandama Millennium Village Project.

Raising Malawi believes that education is one of the most critical tools for supporting vulnerable children and families in Malawi. UNESCO estimates that in Africa 1.8 million children’s lives could be saved if their mothers had at least a secondary education. A child born to a mother who can read is 50 percent more likely to live past age five.  Additionally, each extra year of a mother’s schooling reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5–10 percent and women with post-primary education are five times more likely than illiterate women to be educated about the risks of contracting HIV/ AIDS.

We will share updates and photos of the scholars soon!

About Millennium Promise
Millennium Promise is the leading international nonprofit organization solely committed to accelerating achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the eradication of extreme poverty, hunger, and preventable disease. The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) is a partnership initiative with core science and policy leadership of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, alongside Millennium Promise's operational leadership, that addresses the root causes of extreme poverty, taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development.

The Millennium Village cluster in Mwandma where Raising Malawi will support secondary school scholarships is located in the southern region of Malawi’s Zomba district, and is home to about 35,000 people. To learn more, visit: http://www.millenniumvillages.org/the-villages/mwandama-malawi

About Connect to Learn

Connect To Learn is an initiative to provide students around the world with access to quality secondary education, with a special emphasis on girls. They provide secondary school scholarships and use the transformative power of ICT to connect students and teachers in remote villages to their counterparts in classrooms from around the world for cross-cultural learning, and to the best libraries and educational resources the world has to offer. To learn more, visit: http://www.connecttolearn.org/